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Scott Motyka is a no-frills, melodic shred guitarist, cut from the 1980’s instrumental guitar cloth, with inspirational roots smothered in Classic Rock & Metal.  


Once described as  “ of the United States’ best-kept guitar secrets”, Motyka's performance treatment of arrangements and solo phrasing are aligned with a power-trio approach, with blistering speed and technical prowess matched only by his ability to know when to hold back and play for the song.


Hailing from the rural suburbs of New England, Scott cut his musical teeth on the eclectic music scene stretching between Boston and Providence.  His earliest core inspirational roots include Jimi Hendrix with a strong Angus Young and Ace Frehley follow-up. Motyka’s teenage years were spent an obsession with all things 80’s instrumental shred guitar related – his strongest influences being Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and pretty much the entire Shrapnel Records Roster of the era.  His High School years would be spent focusing on studies with Hungarian Master Classical Guitarist Jozsef Halajko. After receiving the Berklee College of Music Guitar Performance Scholarship at 19, Scott 's aspirations took on new momentum.  After a few semesters at Berklee, he went on to pursue his dreams as a professional musician.

In 2008, Motyka released an entirely self-produced album of instrumental guitar tunes entitled “Cut .. ..From Within”.
After supporting the album with live performances in the New England area, his focus shifted back to pursuing full bands with a vocalist front, where he could co-write, record and perform original music. Regardless of the project, there is almost always a single goal he has in mind - and that is to achieve what he calls ‘Improvisational Transcendence’.   


“My true inspiration, whether it's during a live performance, at home recording, or when you're searching for the right lyric or hook – it's what I call ‘Improvisational Transcendence’ – that moment when everything just comes together - the magic happens!  The solo takes on next level momentum, the right idea just appears, or what seemed like an accident during a recording, becomes the keeper.”    


It was in 2020, when Scott would bump into an old high school friend, a bassist name Mike Martin, that his next chapter would be started.  The two not having played music together since being teenagers, their meetup was just a laugh filled flashback to when they were teenagers tearing up shred/punk riffs together in their drummer friends attic.  It was some months after, Scott would get a call from Martin, with Mike on the other end of the line raving and ranting excitedly about a young female singer he found and that knew had the 'magic'.  When Scott would finally meet and perform with this young singing superstar, one Amanda Mograss, the book would start to really take on momentum, as their fervor and chemistry together was a lock.


PLATINUM THRILL are lighting up the local circuit with an unquestionable energy, leaving audiences only wanting more!


The band approach every performance as though they’re headlining a 10,000 seat stadium at a make or break show! 


Don’t miss PLATINUM THRILL ! See them while they’re still local!

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