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MIKE Dupras

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Mike Dupras, known as “The Human Metronome” for his ability keep tempo on point and play in the pocket, yet still throw the punches that make the Rock all Roll, joined Platinum Thrill in early 2023!


He knew at the first fill-in session for the new band, he just had to be a part of what it was!

Dupras grew up in the same neighborhoods as his PT Band brethren, - the Boston suburbs, specifically the South of Worcester area, bordering on the Northern RI neighbors. Passionately playing drums since the age of 13, after attending Berklee College of Music, Mike pursued a career and record deal in the early 90’s with original band TYKA.  As fate has a way, Dupras at the time was teamed up with fellow Berklee bud, and also locally birthed aspiring hot-shot guitarist, Scott Motyka.  After their short-lived label push in their  early twenties, Dupras realized his love for playing music, performing and being active, outweighed his desire for locking into a record deal and began playing in multiple bands within the New England music scene.  


Mike Dupras went on to perform relentlessly, with many bands, through  into the 2000’s,  and was fortunate enough to share the stage with not only the best of the local best musicians in the area, but also share the stage with many of his early musical heroes; including members of KISS, Anthrax, the Alice Cooper band, and many more.  It was in early 2023, when Durpas would get a welcomed and timely communication from his old friend, former bandmate, guitarist Scott Motyka.  Motyka would ask his old friend to fill-in with some pressing show dates, while PLATINUM THRILL transitioned between drummers.  Not having to hard sell the idea, the timing was perfect for Dupras, as Mike was already aware of the local buzz about Scott’s new band, flaunting an extraordinarily energetic, charismatic, attitude delivering, young female super-star vocalist, one Amanda Mograss. Teamed with shredalicious supporting Motyka on guitar,

Dupras knew:  

"If I teamed up with the booming backbone bass stylings of Mike Martin, we could hold it all down like nobody else!"  


After their very 1st session together, the band would realize, the timing of Dupras at this moment of time! -with his in the pocket metronome-like guts, was the solidifying piece to this band’s magical puzzle! Dupras’ ability to hold the pocket so well with Martin’s low end bass backbone, while Scott’s guitar was allowed to glide across all harmonic fronts was a lock.  This trio was all to truly support and and allow to shine, Amanda Mograss’s commanding lead vocal, and let the message, and her with amazing, throaty, low-ended Joplin’esque passion, make PLATINUM THRILL, what it needed to be!


The band was finally whole, and Mike Dupras’s addition to PLATINUM THRILL was a welcomed twist of fate.  Mike Dupras’s incredible tempo consistency and feel for the uniqueness of each song now supports this growing beast of a band full-time. 


Check Mike Dupras out with PLATINUM THRILL all throughout the New England area and South Eastern Massachusetts/Northern Rhode Island music scene!

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