Brian Guy

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To say that Brian Guy hitting the skins & tins with sticks is serious business is like saying the Sun is pretty hot.


Watching him rip into his always improvised drum solo with his focused eyes and precise attack is as entertaining as listening to which flurry of runs he might choose next.


Growing up, "rhythm, music & family were everything" to Brian Guy.  As young as he could remember, his parents were avid dancers, attending Polka parties every chance they could.   They would bring Brian and his sisters along, teaching them all to dance and even getting them lessons as early as 5 years old.  


It was at this young age that Brian’s young impressionable ears and eyes would be find their inspiration and his fate sealed.  After one particular party with his parents, he would see an actual full professional band perform, one including trumpet players, an accordion player, a bassist, and most importantly of them all to his young eyes  – a DRUMMER.  Brian would be stricken and forever inspired, knowing what he wanted to be.  Polka music hardly the common roots of avid Metal Drummers, it was this unique distinct influence that lends itself to what one might hear come through the technical precision of his style.


Years later Brian would grab formal drum lessons and study newfound heroes like as Neil Peart of RUSH, the Almighty Jon Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Alex Van Halen.  Brian would go on to playing in Rock Bands at the age of 14.  Around 2010 Brian’s musical ambitions for original music pursuits took priority. It was at this time Brian meets a guitarist named Scott Motyka, whereby they form a heavy, groove-oriented hard rock/metal band aptly called Shredemption. Following Shredemption and Brians’ newfound taste for original artistry, he would form a new band effort called OnesWill.  It wasn’t until 2015 to 2020, when Brian would release multiple self-produced efforts with a locally renowned, underground Death Metal band FRNEMY.  FRNEMY would go on to perform all throughout the New England territory and perform with National Acts such as Static-X, Death Angel and BioHazard. To hear Brian shine, check out FRNEMY’s self-released and exceptionally well produced Metal album called “Hail Yourself” where Brian’s drumming is on full display and nothing short of full assault!


In 2021, Brian would get a surprise communication from old friend and former bandmate, guitarist Scott Motyka. Motyka would reach Brian to pitch a new band effort he was brewing with a young female super-star vocalist he had been working with named Amanda Mograss and an old high school friend bassist named Mike Martin.  


It on their very 1st session together, the band would realize they had their missing puzzle piece!  Martin’s driving, punchy bass was immediately complimented by Brian’s tightly focused precise attack, and Scott’s subtle stylistic metal rhythmic intricacies picked up right where Brian and Scott left off years earlier.  Everything about their power trio complimented the gritty, energetic lead vocal of Amanda Mograss, allowing her to spin a web of attitude infringed melodic riffage.  

Brian would ultimately fill the missing puzzle piece and they would become the hard-rocking PLATINUM THRILL.


In Summer of 2022, PALTINUM THRILL continue to hit the stage with back to back performances!