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AMANDA Mograss

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Amanda Mograss can only be described as a
“Performance Badass”  

She is one of the most exciting performers you will ever see, with an original voice you cannot train for, nor replicate, not without sounding like an imitation.  Her energy is infectious, her passion contagious, and her ability to deliver unstoppable excitement and theatrics on a stage for 3 and 4 hour long performances is remarkable.


At only 23 years of age, her voice sounds like a seasoned artist, with a growl and soulful rasp reminiscent of older, blues-based vocalists.  Hovering in the lower register of ranges, she is able to move with ease between Janis Joplin to Bon Scott, and through Adele to Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless.


Her range and respectful treatment of her vocal predecessors is undeniable. Her adoration for Miley Cyrus as an obvious influence can be heard with how Amanda approaches covering the classics throughout the decades, breathing fresh perspective and a welcomed touch into songs like Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' and 'Maybe' by Janis Joplin.


Amanda has already been performing on stage already for more than 12 years. In the 5th grade, after just a few vocal lessons, Amanda found her voice and has essentially never stopped singing.  Since those lessons, she has taken every opportunity to perform, sing and light up a room! - and anywhere and everywhere!  In School, she would sing at every opportunity at Chorus shows or in music classes, performing regularly, even taking on being the go-to performer for the National Anthem at all of her School events.


Since 2016, Amanda went from being a student at the local School of Rock to becoming the teacher at the school.  As she states,  “I found my passion for Rock n’ Roll there! ” –it was at SoR, where she fell in love with the Driving Edge of Rock n' Roll Music.  There she was introduced to such Classic Rock song staples as Heart’s ‘Barracuda’, and the plethora of hits from Guns ‘N Roses and Aerosmith.  


Once she was old enough to enter into the local club scene, Amanda immediately joined a cover band and took to the real stage.  She would spend the next couple of years performing regularly, locally, throughout all of the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts club circuit, gaining valuable experience and edge one can only learn by living it.


In late 2020, while rehearsing one night, Amanda would meet a local bassist by the name of Mike Martin, who was filling in for her then cover band.  It was that chance introduction followed by another introduction to guitarist Scott Motyka, that would put the 3 together where they would recognize an immediate musical chemistry to start a band. 

Amanda would be fronting what would ultimately become PLATINUM THRILL!


The word is already out in the Northeastern USA, - the buzz is on, - it is real...PLATINUM THRILL are delivering the goods.  With Amanda’s commanding front-lady charisma, and her once described “IT " Factor – as the renowned Bob Conti of Ac/Dc Tribute Band ‘Dirty Deeds’  stated, after he accidentally shared the stage with Mograss, pulling her onto the stage in front of thousands, to sing 'Girl’s Got Rhythm')! -

Only amazing things await Amanda!  Don't miss her with PLATINUM THRILL!    


At the helm of PLATINUM THRILL she delivers the energy, musicianship and performance excitement every local hotspot in New England seeks!    ..see PLATINUM THRILL and Amanda - while they are still local!  


“My music, my performance, my band, - they're like a drug to my soul”
– Amanda Mograss

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