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Amanda Mograss has been performing on stage for over 12 years. She started in the 5th grade with trying out vocal lessons and hasn’t stopped singing since! Amanda always took any opportunity to perform or share her voice whether it was in school chorus shows, personal solos in class, or being constantly asked to perform the national anthem at all school and local school events.

In 2016 she joined a group program at School of Rock where her world was changed forever. Though she always loved music more than the normal person, she found her passion for Rock n Roll here. Performing songs like Barracuda by Heart and Panama by Van Halen for the first time was a new drug to her soul. She was inspired by artists she had never truly appreciated till then like Janis Joplin and Guns & Roses. Since then, Amanda has taken on a new life direction into music. Rock n Roll controls her world bringing her where she is today. She started with a local dance band who got her into the local live music scene. Her purpose was found which is performing!

Amanda is full of life and energy, never taking a moment to stand still. This led her to needing more in her life which brought her to Platinum Thrill. Being the lead front woman of Platinum Thrill has created the woman she is today.

"A hard rock chick with tons of power and passion for all things ROCKER."

She may be young but her soul is old. So don’t take a moment to miss out seeing this girl ROCK YOUR WORLD.