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PLATINUM THRILL are a hard rock band encompassing the edgy guts of a 70’s power trio, performing covers with the passion of the artists who wrote them, adding their own unique modern clearcoat on top of every note heard, like an original band would perform their favorite songs from their inspired musical mentors.  


PT deliver with a passion and energy unlike anything less than an artist playing every show like it could be their last.  


Their story?!   Platinum Thrill were birthed with the same magical wonder and mystery that any breakthrough discovery was made.  “Lightening in a bottle’ is truly the best way to describe the coming together of circumstances and events, that made this band!   To have pulled together the varied personalities, tastes, and talents, with some preconceived notion that this combination would work, was not how this band came to be.  


The story begins upon a chance meeting in a shopping mall, between old high school friends and bandmates, Mike Martin and Scott Motyka, this story begins to take shape.   In early 2020, Martin and Scott would meet and laugh about their many years earlier jam sessions in the 100 degree attic of their drummer friend’s parents house, where they’d abuse their newly learned instruments, slamming away to any punk/metal high energy shredalicious riff they could sweat to.   After that brief meet, it was only months later where Martin would reach out to Scott again, extremely excited about this young, amazing, high energy wonder talent he heard sing, while filling in for a local band.   Martin had an almost cosmic vision, and convincingly persuaded Scott, he had to meet and jam with this young female vocalist named Amanda Mograss, - because they were all going to be in a band together, and “it was going to be incredible!”   


“Incredible” indeed, as there was instant chemistry and their 1st show in June of 2021 confirmed their instincts. The audience and feedback all but displaced the band's own pleasant surprise and confirmation from everyone in attendance, “There was something very special about this” and what everyone saw and heard that evening.  Always growing, always enduring, PT introduced their missing puzzle piece when Mike Dupras joined on drums, a long time friend and former bandmate to Motyka from days of old, it was the Dupras addition that firmed the momentum and mission of this band.


From that first show, the ride has only need non-stop momentum and building only stronger with every show and every audience experience.   



In 2023, just 2 years into their mission to deliver as a “A New Standard in Hard Rock”, - fan by fan, - PT are rapidly convincing anyone and all, who attend their shows they are the real deal and do give their influences and mentors the respectful delivery so deserved while clear coating every note with their own voices and vision.  


They deliver at every single show and perform with the adrenaline of a 10,000 seat auditorium, still with the personalized intimacy of a small club.  


Don’t miss Platinum Thrill while they’re still local!!! 

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